Cuzhion News 05. October 2018


Cushions for the perfect fit to your furniture in all aspects. Always looking and feeling luxurious, our cushions are also designed with love and craftmanship to accommodate your needs.

About Us turns your outdoor area into an outside living space with premium custom-made cushions and pillows at affordable prices. An alternative to give a fresh look to your outside areas and welcome a whole new outdoor experience to your life.

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Always searching ways to innovate and improve our production process. Even the smallest of changes can make a difference but sometimes a revolution is necessary! We are more than thrilled that a high tech laser cutter has found its way into our cushion production and thus not only revolutionizes our production process but most importantly assures perfect outcomes for our customers at all times.

Inside or outside

From foam to fabrics to craftsmanship, we have the highest standards to deliver a unique product. Inside or outside? You tell us!

Top Fabric Suppliers

  • Pozzi Arturo
  • Bella Dura
  • Serge Ferrari
  • Spradling


Pillows for poolside use offers fabrics from a worldwide variety of IMO (International Maritime Organization) certified fabrics, designed to resist the challenges of all kinds of weather conditions.

Water repellent, UV protected, fade, mildew and stain resistant.

Internal pillow with waterproof fabric. – let’s create an outside living space!

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